Error “Can’t rename old nsd.exe – access problem” during Domino upgrade

I attempts to install a Domino Fix Pack on a Lotus Domino server fail with the following error:

“Can’t rename old nsd.exe: access problem”
Failed to upgrade Notes. See the file UPGRADE.LOG for more information.



As I know, nsd.exe is a Domino Diagnostic service and seems was running.  Maybe when I was  about to upgrade, I was not completely close Notes Client or Domino Administrator proplerly.



open task manager


So, I open task manager, go to tab “Process” then click “Show process from all users” to show all process


end process


select following process then click “end processes”
– ntmulti.exe *32
– nsd.exe *32
– nsd

then,  I continue the upgrade process and successfully completed without any error notice.

Here is the video, how I kill the nsd process during the upgrade.

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