Mail Features

Shortcut Buttons

Show Shortcut buttons. Following video will show you how to view/hide some shortcut buttons

Mark Read/ Unread

Select the message or messages, right-click and select Mark as > Read or Mark as > Unread. OR you can mark messages read or unread with simply press “insert button” to read or unread your email.

Show or hide beginning of message in Inbox

Preview message text in your Inbox view. From the Inbox, select Show > Beginning of Message to display message body text. Hover over messages in your Inbox to see the first 100 characters.

Group by Date

See messages in your Inbox grouped by date. From your Inbox, select Show > Group By Date to see your Inbox grouped into messages from Today, Yesterday, Last week, etc.

if you missing this feature, contact your domino administrator to upgrade your email database to Mail9.

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