[Webinar] XPages: You Know the “How to.” Now Learn the “Why and What.” by Teamstudio

XPages: everybody wants them, and there are lots of great resources on how to add XPages to your applications, but they all show you the ‘how’. There are a couple of critical decisions to make before you get to that point.

Before you start development, you need to identify which applications you’re going to web-enable or mobilize. Then, within the identified apps, you need to identify which functions need to be web-enabled or mobilized. This webinar will help you identify which applications are good candidates for web-enablement or mobilization, and which are not. You’ll discover reasons why they are or are not a good fit. Learn ways to analyze your portfolio of IBM Notes applications, and come up with a list of which applications to move to XPages and what functionality in those applications should be updated. You’ll leave this webinar armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions about bringing your applications to the web and to mobile devices.

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