What’s New in Community and Files with IBM Connections 5.5

Baan Slavens, Social Software Product Manager IBM Connections/Mobile at IBM, will show you about the new features available in IBM Connections 5.5 and Mobile. These new features will enhance your communities and allow you to better organize your content.

IBM have made some enhancements to “Communities” so they can be tailored to meet the business needs of its members, whether sales, marketing or project team community it can be customized for those needs.

The Community Owner can change the layout to best meet their needs of the Community. They can select to change it to have two columns, three columns or three columns with “Community Header”.

The new feature on “Files”, we have “Nested Folder”, allows you to take files within your community and organize them within files as they make sense for that particular community. There is no limit on the number of nested folders you can have in the tree.

When you open a Files and edit it on IBM Docs, now you can have the option to sync the file by “Selective Sync”, also works in mobile device. With preview capability allows you to preview the content the file without having to download.

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